Weekly or BiWeekly Intimacy Coaching Program

Get the mindfulness advantage in your intimate life. 

This sex and intimacy coaching is a good fit for any individual or couple who wants to develop better skills in intimacy, communication, and mindfulness.

Dr. Jenn's program is specifically helpful for couples who have a healthy love and respect for each other, but have trouble communicating around sex or have lost their intimate connection. It is also important for individuals and couples to be open-minded about personal growth and committed to working through their concerns. This program is designed for busy, motivated professionals who struggle to find time to connect with their partners, or don't know how to rebuild lost intimacy.

This coaching requires a commitment to awareness, communication, growth, and teamwork in new ways. Dr. Jenn's coaching approach facilitates a healthy interdependence in long-term relationships, for the mutual benefit of both partners. It takes a big picture approach, integrating the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual (if relevant) components of building or rebuilding a loving, connected intimacy. 

When clients are enrolled in this intimacy coaching program, they receive:

  • One month of coaching at a time with weekly sessions, or biweekly (every two weeks)
  • One-hour sessions, in person (San Diego) or via Skype
  • Ongoing skill-building in emotional intelligence and healthy communication
  • Efficient "homework" assignments to put new concepts into action
  • Weekly emails or texts with homework reminders and motivational boosts
  • Availability through email to answer relationship questions
  • Ongoing relevant resources and tools
  • Links to meditations and visualizations, for further development of mindfulness skills

In-Depth Sessions

This is an intense 3-4 hour dive into your intimacy concerns, all in one sitting. This approach can be helpful for folks who travel a lot, or who are emotionally ready to really dive into the improvement of their relationship.  It is based on all of the same concepts outlined above and below.

This service is available in San Diego in person. If you live outside of San Diego and still want to access this in-depth service, Dr. Jenn can fly to your location. If a more intensive approach interests you, also check out Dr. Jenn's retreats for couples, women, and men.

10 Core Growth Areas

These 10 areas of competency are important for a healthy and thriving relationship. We rarely learn these skills when growing up, and certainly not in our intimate relationships. Women and men often receive very different socialization in these areas, which can lead to confusion, disconnection, and a lack of intimacy.

For each core area, clients will receive worksheets and visualizations to delve into their strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to integrate these skills into their relationship. When these skill sets are added to a relationship with a core foundation of love, respect, and kindness, a couple can move from surviving to thriving.

  1. Mindfulness & New Awareness
  2. Empathy & Compassion
  3. Recognizing and Owning Patterns & Reactions
  4. Standing in the Power of your Gender “Essence” (not stuck in unhealthy versions)
  5. Sexual Pleasure & Physical Closeness
  6. Balance of Personal Interests & Common Interests
  7. Responsibly Voicing Needs
  8. Filling Love Buckets
  9. Gratitudes & Acknowledgments
  10. Fighting Fair with Intention


I love where I am now. I choose to live compassionately, empathetically and grateful for each day and the strength that I create for my life. This is all due to you, and I will never forget it.
— Attorney & Business Owner
My husband and I could not have asked for a better person to help us with our relationship. She has been a miracle worker for us and we feel so grateful to have the opportunity to work on our relationship with her skilled, intelligent and kind guidance. We highly recommend her services!
— Artist
If you’re looking for healing in any area of your life, Dr. Jenn is the one.

I was looking for direction in life as my purpose became confusing and I was warped with opinions from friends, parents & colleagues. To put it simply, I was being pulled in all ways. Dr. Jenn’s easy-flowing yet to the point style was exactly what I needed. If you’re not lookin’ for some truth, don’t go to Jenn. If you want it told how it is without the sugar coatin’ of friends and the bitterness of mom’s biased-criticism, this is the place to go.

Dr. Jenn soothed my soul with her words; she helped me understand how my “issues” actually didn’t set me apart from most others. She helped me get down to the core of everything that was bothering me and used a very holistic approach....

Most importantly, she made me laugh. She made me laugh at my struggles, laugh at my insecurities and made me feel so human in my shortcomings. Her energy is so vibrant and down to earth that you’ll wish she was your friend out of the office.

Thank you so much, Dr. Jenn. I will always recommend people to you! Men, Women, & In between. The next time I enter a relationship, beware cause we’re comin’ for you.
— Military