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Consciousness Hacking Workshop - Rewiring Intimacy for 2019

Rewiring Intimacy for 2019: From Madness to Mindfulness


This event is hosted by the Consciousness Hacking Meetup group. It is a free event with advance reservation that will be held in downtown San Diego.

We all want to be seen, acknowledged, loved, and feel deeply connected to others. But so many of the messages (and lack of relationship education) we receive growing up and in intimate experiences make us afraid or unsure how to really connect deeply in dating and sexual interactions. And in 2019, with changing gender roles and political and sexual divisions, it is all getting even more complicated.

Through skills in mindfulness, compassion, and vulnerability, we have the power to be agents of positive change in our relationships, sexual lives, and lives overall. Please bring a journal or notebook to write it for this interactive workshop.

-Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Keynote Speaker, & Sociologist