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Real Sex Talk for Teen Girls - Girl Scouts Troop, Riverside, CA

Sex Talk in the Girl Scouts.jpeg

A Girl Scout Troop in Riverside, CA, will be hosting me for this educational event.

The intent is to teach the girls sex education with an approach that integrates compassion, normalizing sexual topics, and empowerment, and reduces misinformation, shame, and coercion.

Topics (some will get emphasized more than others due to time):

  • Media literacy & music lyrics

  • Gender differences in sexual interests and how raised

  • Sexual consent โ€“ how to know when ready, coercion continuum, sexting

  • Sexual topics overall, such as first kiss, oral sex, virginity, mechanical part of intercourse, orgasm, social norms

  • Masturbation

  • LGBT topics

  • Body-image

  • Desire and pleasure

  • Menstruation

  • Porn

The following emotional and social intelligence skills will be integrated into all of the topics:

  • Compassion and collaboration instead of competition with other girls

  • Awareness of peer pressure from girls and boys around sex and body topics

  • Healthy decision-making and awareness of responsibility

  • The right to do and not do what she wants