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Rewriting Our Sexual Stories: From Madness to Mindfulness

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Location: Just north of Fashion Valley Mall — address will be sent once you register

Do you carry insecurities about expressing yourself in intimacy? Did you learn messages of shame or embarrassment growing up? Have you had negative experiences with your body or in sex that have impacted how you view yourself? 

With so much sex-negative messaging around us, many of us carry such “sexual madness,” and these messages and judgments create sexual stories that are not of our conscious choosing.

But once we realize this, we have a choice in rewriting our sexual stories. We have the power to discover the intimacy stories that really matter, and therefore create a new path to follow moving forward.

Dr. Jenn will facilitate this interactive workshop and teach skills in mindfulness, self-compassion, and expression. Please bring a journal or notebook for writing and reflection.

***UPDATE on 8/1/19 — There is only ONE space left, so please email me first and I’ll tell you how to register for the event!

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sociologist, & Keynote Speaker