This free guided visualization is designed for women who want to experience masturbation in a meditative, mindful manner. This is particularly for women who may be uncomfortable with masturbation or touching themselves. Dr. Jenn guides the listener through this relaxing 10 minute exploration of their body and five senses. (We recommend that you have calming music at the ready to continue to set the mood, once the 10 minute audio file is complete.) Music is provided by Dan-O at

If you're interested in checking out various vibrators and pulsators for your self-pleasuring times, Dr. Jenn recommends the sex toys at Good Vibrations! They also have a great selection of (and education around) lubricants -- Sliquid brand is one brand that is specifically good for women.

Happy Masturbating!

(If you also struggle with your desire in a long-term relationship, my self-paced online video course on The Mastery of Desire might be of interest to you.  :)