Mastery of Your Desire - Reignite your passion and sexual desire

Based on many years of education and counseling, this video course offers details about 10 different big reasons why women lose their sex drive in long-term relationships. Dr. Jenn discusses common misconceptions and shares insights from her private practice. For each block to desire, she teaches immediately applicable ways to address that specific block to sexual desire. This course is designed for you to go through on your own, but you can also have your partner accompany you in watching and learning, which can help facilitate new conversation and ways of interacting.

If you apply what you learn in this course, the benefits to you are:

-Knowing how to tap into your naturally occurring sexual desire so it's easier to feel sexual

-A new understanding about who you are as a sexual woman

-Having deeper intimacy so you have a happier relationship with less tension

-Learning new ways of communicating around sex so that you both feel heard and understood

-The ability to create a sustainable sexual plan so that you can build (or rebuild) trust

This course is available on the Online Course Platform for $269. If this topic matters to you, please at least check out the course page and curriculum!