Plan a weekend away from everyday stress and habits, to delve deeper into your personal growth and/or relationship growth. All retreats integrate mindfulness practices, authenticity training, communication skill-building, and fun. Dr. Jenn will be your fierce advocate in helping you be the best version of you.

Retreats for Couples -- Build intimacy, improve communication, identify and overcome blocks to desire and connection, and enhance sensuality

Retreats for Women -- Find your voice in new ways, cultivate courageous authenticity, redefine female sexual empowerment, and learn self-nurturing techniques

Retreats for Men -- Redefine what it means to be a man, cultivate strength through openness, move through fears and blocks, and gain insights into women

Dr. Jenn will come into your group and facilitate a transformational weekend to regain your connection with yourself, intimacy in your love life, and the skills and structure to integrate your weekend learnings for sustainable happiness and fulfillment. Requested group size is 10-15 people.


This training is designed for groups of people and organizations who recognize the need to cultivate greater sexual awareness and comfort. Talking about sex—all aspects of sex—is awkward for most people. In modern American society, most of us are raised to feel fear, embarrassment, and shame around sexual topics. This fear- and embarrassed-based culture impacts groups and organizations in many ways, from individuals' unhappiness in their personal relationships to unwittingly silencing a coworker or shaming a client. This silence around sexual topics leads to further fears, assumptions, and stigma. In worst cases, it leads to harassment, coercion, exploitation, and abuse.

Through exercises in mindfulness, knowledge-building, and embarrassment-reduction, integrated with lots of laughter and fun, this training facilitates a much deeper comfort around sexual topics. It teaches tools for responsible and appropriate sexual conversations. It empowers employees to find their voice in awkward interactions, in new, healthy ways. This training will enrich each participant’s personal life, improve the quality of employee interactions, and increase the positive impact on the communities served.

Moving from a fear-based approach in sexual discourse, to one of curiosity and courage, is valuable for your communities.

Training Will Help Participants To:

  • Understand the breadth of topics and causes that are impacted by sexual shame and silence.
  • Reduce personal shame and embarrassment.
  • Increase knowledge of sex-related topics.
  • Build skills for mindfulness and staying present in uncomfortable situations.
  • Develop skills for normalizing responsible sexual conversations.


Dr. Jenn was a rock star! She took a room full of strangers and instantly made them comfortable discussing all sorts of sexual topics with each other. She encouraged us to continue discussing sex in positive and affirming terms, not only to heal our individual wounds, but also to break down the barriers of repression that infect our culture. Dr. Jenn helped me to share my story, to understand how my shame is a product of others’ inadequacies, and to resolve to move forward with dignity and worth. I left the event feeling liberated and at peace.
— Davin Widgerow—San Diego Deputy City Attorney
Dr. Jenn’s training on being more comfortable with sex was beyond what I expected. She creates a safe space to discuss these topics, which is invaluable to individuals and people working together as a team, as it allows for a deeper understanding of individual and shared experiences, and helps to create a shared language in which to discuss sensitive topics on an ongoing basis.
— Ashley Rodriguez—Development Coordinator at Center for Policy Initiatives, and former Diversity, Engagement & Grants Coordinator at KPBS
In today’s hyper divisive society, it’s not easy to discuss topics that are still considered taboo or risqué. Dr. Jenn provided an incredibly comfortable space for a room full of individuals, friends and strangers, to dialogue, share and engage on a wide range of topics that intersect at our sexual identity. I encourage folks to attend these events and come learn about themselves and the society around them.
— Marco Briones—Senior Policy Organizer at the Center for Policy Initiatives