You truly have a gift... We feel lucky to have you... Absolutely brilliant talk... This woman is life changing... You did a fantastic job... Thank you!

Dr. Jenn was a rock star! She took a room full of strangers and instantly made them comfortable discussing all sorts of sexual topics with each other. She encouraged us to continue discussing sex in positive and affirming terms, not only to heal our individual wounds, but also to break down the barriers of repression that infect our culture. Dr. Jenn helped me to share my story, to understand how my shame is a product of others’ inadequacies, and to resolve to move forward with dignity and worth. I left the event feeling liberated and at peace.
— D.W., San Diego Deputy City Attorney
Thank you again for coming to USC and hosting Project Condom. You did a fantastic job hosting the event and adding in your professional expertise about sexual health. I feel like the students walked away from this year’s event learning more about sexual health than they ever had in the past!
— E.B., Program Advisor, University of South Carolina
I would like to thank you for hosting your workshop. I had an AMAZING time learning more about my sexuality.
You were great in answering my questions, and you made the overall experience fun and comfortable for all of my friends. I even made a new friend in your workshop!
What I got out of this experiences is that I can be open-minded when it comes to sex and that I should never be afraid to talk to people about it as well.
So once again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I still have a lot more to learn, but you have helped me take the first step to finding what a healthy sexuality is all about.
— J.S., Holy Names University Student
This experience has changed me in a way that I never knew needed changing. I can’t possibly explain everything because there’s so many things….I’m still going to be me, going to be a beautiful, strong woman. I actually feel more relaxed about myself (and the funny thing is, I didn’t even realize I was so uptight about a lot of things). I did want you to know that this class, all the women I’ve met and YOU have touched my life. THANK YOU!
— A.S., Student and Mother
Dr. Jenn rocked the house!!
— L.K., San Diego Philanthropist
Jenn is a master at her craft. She is informative, creative, funny and a wonderful educator.
— Anonymous workshop participant
Thank you again for coming and making the event fun and informative! Students have been coming up to me and specifically telling me how awesome you are. We feel very lucky to have you as an ally :)
— M.R., Cal State San Marcos Campus Organizer
Thank you so much for joining our group last night! You truly have a gift and passion for this work! I felt so empowered by what I learned through our fun and easy conversation last night and am so thankful for the time you shared with us!
— A.H., Fundraiser in Women's Group
My name is Emily, I’m 15, and in high school. I was listening to a playlist of TED talks, and your talk about female sexual shame was quite moving to me. My parents haven’t really addressed sex/sexuality with me, and after looking at your website I think I will definitely use it as a resource later in life.
I aspire one day to deliver a TED talk about the importance of sexual health/healthy relationships and gender, but particularly how it relates to teens.
Thank you.
— E. B., Teen girl
This woman is life changing.... Dr. Jenn is a good listener, can read people through a microscope, and does it while making you feel at ease. She understands which terminologies and what stigmas make people uncomfortable, and she breaks them down in a way that is easy to understand. She is able to take the best of both Western and Eastern philosophies and sciences and apply them holistically. I couldn’t say better things about her. I haven’t met anyone more knowledgeable about relationships than her. Nothing is taboo and nothing is off the table.
— J.H., Military Officier
Jenn was an excellent speaker, easy to listen to and funny. Great information, great session… best of the day! Thanks!”
”She was honest, authentic and confident. Normalized how women felt. Loved her!
— Women Audience Members at Sharp Hospital's 24th Annual Women's Health Conference
So beyond grateful to you Jenn for the work that you are doing and for sharing your wisdom with our girls ❤
— P.W., Teen Therapist
This was truly an outstanding event. The speaker was superb, so engaging, very well prepared with very high take-home value.
— Anonymous Boston YPO Member
You’re a rockstar and so relatable. It was such an amazing week and girls are still talking about your talk and fireside chat. I also have to say that I’ve thought about sex differently. I feel so empowered and I’ve found I’m so much more firm with my boundaries, confident in my insecurities, and not being afraid to ask for what I want. Thanks a million!!!!
— S.E., Syracuse University Student
Dr. Jenn is a force to be reckoned with! Her empowering style of teaching has literally brought many of today’s feminists to the stage.
— C.B., Student Activist
Absolutely brilliant talk. I just tweeted it!
— M.S., Spiritual Sexuality Educator
Awesome job last night. Thank you for the awareness you bring to the world.
— L.S., Life Coach
Although I have been working with sexual health related things for a few years now, I found this workshop highly useful and refreshing! We need good sex educators, such as Dr. Jenn, that can rise above all myths and incorrect stories about sex.
— K.A., Lund University Student Sex Educator, Sweden
It was an amazing workshop! Thank you for creating such a wonderful, authentic experience for all of us to open up and talk about what makes us tick!
— J.W., Yoga Instructor
I liked that the workshop brought a lot of issues about self judgment and shame to my attention. I felt relief that most of my/our insecurities come from really messed up ideals rather than something that was actually wrong with me/us as women. Afterwards, I felt much more confident with the person that I am and I felt a lot more comfortable talking about sexuality.
— H.A., San Diego State University Student