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Sex & the Price of Masculinity

What the hell are we doing in our sexual interactions?! I share a personal story about a recent experience with a man who violated our agreed upon sex boundaries. This wasn't easy to work on or share, but this topic is so misunderstood, I think we desperately need to be talking about sexual communication and consent in a new way.

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Sexuality & Shame TEDx Talk

While sex is a natural act, many societies shame sexuality, particularly female sexuality, which serves to control women's bodies and mind. What can we do about this in the U.S. and how does this negatively impact us, our relationships, and society? I speak to our personal responsibility to do something different and how.

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In the Den with Dr. Jenn Videos

In the Den with Dr. Jenn is a free video series with over 200 videos about sex, intimacy, relationships, and communication. From interviews with experts, to social commentary, to sexual fun facts, topics include blowjobs, tantra, massage, orgasm, mindful sensuality, cooking, body image, sexual abuse, & gender roles.

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