Dr. Jenn's C.V.

(Updated as of 7/14/12)

Jennifer Gunsaullus, PhD


Ph.D., Sociology, 2006

State University of New York at Albany

Dissertation Title:  The “Condom Lady” Speaks – Female Sexuality Discourses and HIV Prevention in Community-Based Organizations

Summer Institute on Sexuality, Society, and Health, 2001

San Francisco State University           

Bachelor of Arts, Social Relations, 1995

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Phi Beta Kappa, Highest Honors, Departmental Honors


Speaker, Relationship & Intimacy Counselor, Sex Educator, 2005–Current

Self-employed with Sexuality Outside The Box and Dr. Jenn’s Den

  • Coach individuals and counsel couples on relationships and intimacy.
  • Conduct interactive workshops, lectures, and trainings.
  • Write magazine/newspaper columns on sexual empowerment and holistic living.
  • Host and write online educational video series on sexuality and sexual health, called In the Den with Dr. Jenn.

Adjunct Professor, 2010–2011

Park University, Camp Pendleton and California State University, San Marcos

  • Design and teach courses in Human Sexuality, Social Psychology, Women & Health, and Social Deviance.
  • Create safe yet challenging academic environment for active and retired military members (Park University) and traditional college-aged students (CSU San Marcos)

Actor – Standardized Patient, 2006–2012

University of California, San Diego Medical School

  • Simulate physical symptoms and portray emotions of different patients suffering various ailments for testing medical students, including hospice fellows.
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative feedback on interpersonal skills and aptitude.

Coordinator – HIV Prevention with Positives Program, 2006–2007

The LGBT Center, San Diego, CA

  • Wrote comprehensive HIV curriculum for HIV-positive community.
  • Facilitated collaboration with two other agencies for HIV prevention in ethnic minority communities.
  • Counseled newly HIV diagnosed individuals for referrals and support.

Adjunct Professor and Director of Theater Production, 2004–2006

California State University, San Marcos

  • Designed and implemented curriculum studying Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues.
  • Analyzed and critiqued major themes of the play and explored cultural understandings and interpretations of women’s bodies and sexualities.
  • Directed three productions of The Vagina Monologues (for two years) and orchestrated “Vagina Fest” fundraising and awareness-raising event around play productions.
  • Taught Women and Health course (with focus on sexual health) two years.

Research Assistant, 1998–2003

Welfare Research, Inc., Albany, NY

  • Assisted Senior Writer/Editor and Executive Director with research, writing, and data processing and analysis.
  • Assisted in grant writing for community-based HIV-prevention organizations.

Coordinator – Health Promotion Graduate Assistant, 2001–2003 

Health & Counseling Center, State University of New York at Albany

  • Co-facilitated Project SHAPE (Sexual Health and Peer Education) including fall training of 20 new members.
  • Presented “safer sex” interactive programs in classrooms and residence halls to groups of   up to 80 students.
  • Designed and implemented new sexual health workshops (Communication with a Partner about Safer Sex and Cultural Competency and Sexual Health).

Lecturer, 1999–2001

Sociology Department, State University of New York at Albany

  • Taught Sociology of Gender and Sociology of Families courses.
  • Developed entire courses: chose readings; created syllabi; wrote and presented lectures; and graded projects, exams, and class debates.
  • Generated an open-minded, enjoyable, and comfortable learning environment.
  • Co-taught Family Demography, including writing and presenting lectures.

Teaching/Graduate Assistant, 1996-1998

Sociology Department, State University of New York at Albany

  • Assisted in teaching Medical Sociology, Social Demography, and Family Sociology.
  • Wrote and presented lectures, edited and graded student research papers, and assisted in preparing and grading exams.
  • Performed data analysis for research project.


2012, “Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Body! Improving Sex Lives Through Mindfulness” Workshop at AASECT Annual Conference, Austin, TX

2012, “Sexuality & Social Media” Panel Presentation at Momentum: Making Waves in Sexuality, Feminism, & Relationships, Washington, DC

2011, “Put the Fun Back into Sexual FUNction: How Positive Psychology Can Enhance the Sex Field” Workshop at AASECT Annual Conference, San Diego, CA

2010, “Cooking Up Seduction” Lecture with Chef Jenn Felmley, San Diego Sex Therapy, Education, & Medicine

2008, “Using Technology for Holistic Sexual Education” Lecture, San Diego Sex Therapy, Education, & Medicine

2008, “The Future of Sex Education: Podcasting & The Internet” Poster Presentation, AASECT Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA

2007, “Triple S: Sociology, Sexuality, & Spirituality” Poster Presentation, AASECT Annual Conference, Charlotte, NC     

2002, “Female Sexual Health and Community-Based Organizations: How to Promote Positive Sexuality?”  Round Table Presentation, Annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, Chicago, IL

1999, “Battle On!  Xena: Warrior Princess and Women in On-Line Communities," Round Table Presentation at Eastern Sociological Society, Philadelphia, PA


"How a Negative Body Image Can Affect Sex Lives," Pacific San Diego Magazine, July 2012

“Pornography: Love It or Hate It?,” Vision Magazine, Feb. 2010

“Awakening to Sexual Self-Love,” Vision Magazine, Feb. 2009

“The Shadows of Sexuality,” Vision Magazine, Oct. 2008

“Connections: Sex & Relationships,” Monthly columnist for Prime (San Diego Seniors) newspaper, Jan-Dec. 2008

“The Radical Notion of Feeling Good,” Roxanne Magazine, Jun. 2008

“If Your Vagina Got Dressed, What Would it Wear?” Roxanne Magazine, Feb. 2008

“The Politics of AIDS: Sexual Pleasure and Danger,” in Introducing the New Sexuality Studies. Editors: Steven Seidman, Nancy Fischer, and Chet Meeks. 2006.


Shades of Grey: Getting in Touch with Dark Desires, San Diego Living, San Diego 6, 2012

Ask the Shrinks: Valentine’s Edition, Morning News, San Diego Fox 5, 2012

Mysteries of the Opposite Sex, 2 segments on Morning News, San Diego Fox 5, 2011

Three Year Glitch, Morning News, San Diego Fox 5, 2011

21 Day Plan to Ignite Passion, Morning News, San Diego Fox 5, 2010

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Flirting Tips, Morning News, San Diego Fox 5, 2008

Does TV Portray Marriages Negatively? Evening News, San Diego Fox 5, 2008

Spicing Up Intimacy, Morning News, San Diego Fox 5, 2008


Sex: Mind full or Mindful? TEDxWomen America's Finest City, San Diego, CA, 2012

Nourishing Your Inspiration, Interactive Lecture for Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest’s Annual Employee Appreciation Day, Escondido, CA, 2012

What is Sexuality? Training at Lund University, Lund, Sweden, 2012

Living Your Values, Workshop for Jeans 4 Justice nonprofit, Encinitas, CA, 2012

Sex Therapy, Activism, & Social Media, Sexuality & Social Media Class, American University, Washington, DC, 2012

3 Keys to Building Healthy Relationships, Women’s Fest, North Park, CA, 2012

What is Sex-Positivity and your Sexual Journey? UCSD, Women’s Center, La Jolla, CA, 2012

Mindful Living, GOG Women’s Networking Happy Hour, San Diego, CA, 2012

Giving Yourself Permission: Opening to Joy, Passion, & Vitality, Sweet Retreat for Women, Carlsbad, CA, 2012

3 Keys for Young Women in Relationships, Girl Fest Launch, San Diego, CA, 2012

Maintaining Intimacy & Relationships, Circle of Trust, San Diego, CA, 2012

The 5 C’s of Intimacy, Global Gals, San Diego, CA, 2012

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Opposite Sex, Expert Panel Discussion for The People Power Network, San Diego, 2011

How to Love Your Body, Love Your Body Day, San Diego State University, 2011

Using Optimism to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself & Others, 3rd Annual Celebrating Women’s Workshop, St. Clare’s Home, Escondido, CA, 2011                      

YOUR Sexual Empowerment Workshop, Jeans 4 Justice nonprofit, Encinitas, CA, 2011

Empower Yourself & Those Around You, SD Marine Corp Recruitment Depot, 2011

Ask the Sex-perts: Using Optimism to Improve Sex Life, Cal State San Marcos, 2011

Happiness! How to Increase Optimism to Improve Relationships, GOG, La Jolla, 2011

Post-performance discussion for The Vagina Monologues, San Diego, CA, 2011

The 5 C’s of Intimacy, Good Ol’ Gals (GOG), La Jolla, CA, 2011

LOVE! What is Love & How Can You Keep it Inspired? Three locations: Tango Wine Bar, Bird Rock Yoga, & OASIS Senior Center, 2011

What doe Sex Positive Mean and Why Do We Care? Moxie Theatre, San Diego, 2011

Love, Intimacy, & Relationships, San Diego Marine Corp Recruitment Depot, 2010

Sex & Relationships: Getting What You Desire, Cal State San Marcos, 2010

When Your Relationship is Great, But Your Sex Life Isn’t, San Diego, 2010

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, Prof. Women in Holistic Health, 2010

Sexually Healthy Women: A Holistic Approach, Women & HIV Partnership, 2010

Boost Your Intimate Bond: A Workshop for Couples (50+), OASIS Senior Ctr, 2010

Nurture Your Relationship – From Seed to Blossom, NCWIN Luncheon, 2010

From Boardroom to Bedroom, Women in Business Symposium, 2010

Until the Violence Stops, VDAY Panel Discussion, Diversionary Theater, 2010

Stress Reduction & Intimacy, Mended Hearts – American Heart Association, 2010

The Art of Conscious Loving: Workshop for Women, Bird Rock Yoga Studio, 2010

Getting REAL about Sex, Cal State San Marcos, 2009

The 7 Habits of Happy Relationships, OASIS Senior Center, San Diego, 2009

Dr. Jenn’s Reading List, Café Libertalia, San Diego, 2009

The BIG Picture Around Sexual Health, San Diego State University, 2009

Erotic Play: Making Intimacy Sexy & Fun, Cal State San Marcos, 2009

Mindful Pleasures, Good Ol’ Gals Networking Luncheon, 2009

Getting Out of Your Brain & Into Your Body, San Diego Mensa, 2009

Women's Embracing Sexuality Workshop, The LGBT Women's Resource Ctr., 2009

The Art of Living a Passionate Life: Holistic Tips for Holistic Sensuality, Lululemon Athletica, La Jolla, CA, 2009

Deepening Intimacy - A Couples Workshop, Tango Wine, San Diego, 2009

Erotic Play – 5 Keys to Making Intimacy Sexier, Mensa Regional Gathering, 2009

Got Passion?, OASIS Senior Education, San Diego, 2008

For Women Only: Intimacy & Connections, The LGBT 50+ Services, San Diego, 2008

Sexuality as an Access to Being, San Diego Consciousness Group, 2008

Women Living with HIV, Panel Facilitator, Poz Day, San Diego, 2008

Empowering Women’s Sexuality, Shakti Rising, San Diego, 2008

Coed Coffee Chats – Sex & Relationships, Café Open Discussions, 2008

Healthy Relationships & Sexuality, Facilitated discussion, Vista, CA, 2008

Erotic Movie Review for Women, San Diego, 2008

HIV, Spirituality, & Life Mission, The LGBT Center Positive Living Group, San Diego, 2007

Sexy Women & Wine Workshops, Various Wine Bars in San Diego, 2007

Living Passionately, The LGBT Center 50+ Senior Fair, San Diego, 2007

Safer Sex Through Sensuality, HIV Women’s Conference, San Diego, 2007

Sex Positive Feminism Discussion Panel, NOW California State Conference, 2007

The Feminine Mystique: Where are We Today?, OASIS Senior Center, San Diego, 2007

Fantasies, The LGBT Center Latino Services & The Rubber Rose, San Diego, 2006

The Vagina Monologues: What’s All the Hype?, Oasis Senior Center,  San Diego, 2006

Breast Cancer Spa Pampering Evening: Body-Image, Womanhood, and Sensuality, SK-Sanctuary, La Jolla, CA, 2006

Attracting Abundance into Your Business, Professional Women’s Wellness Network, San Diego, 2006

Media Literacy & Body-Image, San Diego Women’s Film Foundation and the The Girl Scouts, San Diego, 2006

Women’s Sexual Empowerment Night, Freeform Fitness, San Diego, 2006


  • Member, Women Give San Diego, donor circle for Women’s Foundation of California, 2011-2012
  • Advisory Circle member for Jeans 4 Justice sexual awareness nonprofit, 2011-2012
  • Actor, The Vagina Monologues, Benefit Performance for Leap to Success, 2009, 2011-2012
  • Facilitator for Good Ol’ Gals Women’s Networking Group, 2008-2012
  • Founder of Professional Women in Holistic Health, 2008-2012
  • Masters Thesis Committee Member for Public Health Student at SDSU, 2010-2011
  • Named local “Vagina Warrior” at CSU San Marcos’ The Vagina Monologues, 2011
  • Member, American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, 2006-2012
  • Finalist for San Diego Magazine’s “Woman of the Year,” 2010
  • Named “Leader of the Year” for Good Ol’ Gals Women’s Networking Group, 2010
  • Caregiver Support Group Facilitator, Alzheimer’s Association of San Diego, 2005-2009
  • Director, The Vagina Monologues Benefit for Shakti Rising, San Diego, 2006-2007
  • Organizer, Lunafest Film Festival Benefit Show, 2006
  • Volunteer Tent Host for Cancer Survivorship San Diego!, 2006
  • Woman of Distinction Recognition, Cal State San Marcos, 2006
  • Vice President, Professional Women’s Wellness Network, 2006
  • Actor, The Vagina Monologues Benefit Performance, North Park, San Diego, 2005
  • Accomplishment Coaching Program demonstration client, 2004-2005
  • Sexuality Week Committee, State University of NY at Albany, 2002 and 2003
  • Albany Vagina Women (presented benefit performances of The Vagina Monologues), 2002 and 2003, and Fundraising Committee, 2003
  • Vice President’s Advisory Council - HIV Prevention, State University of NY at Albany, 2002
  • Actor in several independent community theater productions, Albany, NY, 2001-2003
  • Graduate Student Organization Grant Reviewer, State University of NY at Albany, 2000-2001
  • WORD (State University of NY at Albany campus women’s service organization), 1997-2000
  • Eastern Sociological Society, 1999
  • American Sociological Association Honors Program, 1995-1996
  • Omicron Delta Kappa (honorary leadership society), Lehigh University, 1995
  • Award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Life, Lehigh University, 1995