REAL Sexy Halloween Costumes

Tired of all the "sexy" Halloween costumes that have no right being sexy? Here are some ideas for REAL sexy animal costumes to inspire you!

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego, CA -- Sexologist, Sociologist, Sexuality Speaker

Animal Attraction for Halloween 2012

Animal costumes are always popular attire at Halloween, both for kids and adults. An interesting thing happens, though, in the transition from children’s costume to adult costume – the attire often becomes sexy. While this is often to get attention, once you learn these fascinating (and scary!) sex facts about animals, the shift from cute cat to sexy kitty makes sense in a whole new way.

Speaking of sexy kitties, did you know that when a male cat penetrates a female cat, he bites into the back of her neck? The female is further held in place by his penis, which becomes lodged inside her with its horny barbs. This will ensure ejaculation, but there’s also speculation that the “rough play” may initiate her ovulation. Ouch!

But “bee” glad you’re not the poor male drone bee. When he mates with the Queen Bee, his genitals are ripped off after orgasm, leaving him to die within hours. Or how about the male red-back spider? After copulating with a female red-back spider, he selflessly somersaults into her mouth to become her post-coital meal. Those males make the ultimate sacrifice for their offspring!

Lest you think all animal sex facts are painful, let’s switch gears to the humorous. In a creative attempt to encourage panda mating in captivity, Chinese zookeepers got film of other pandas having sex and played this panda porn for their panda bears. Did this aphrodisiac work? Yes! However, it’s unknown whether their increased passion was from the visual or auditory cues.

This final animal sex fact about the male anglerfish is perfectly ghastly in the spirit of Halloween. The male anglerfish is tiny compared to his female counterpart, and reproduces by attaching his teeth to the female’s side. Over time, his face becomes absorbed into the female’s body, until he eventually becomes just a reproductive appendage. Talk about attachment issues!

So this Halloween, consider the animal kingdom as a source of inspiration. If you’re taking a classic animal costume and imbuing it with sexy vibes, read up on the sexual predilections of your chosen animal. Then add an air of credibility to your choice to sexualize the animal, by including an unexpected detail (such as a hacksaw for a Queen Bee!). Impress your friends, because whether sexy or scary, animals really know how to get it on.

(Published in the October, 2012, issue of Pacific San Diego Magazine.)

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego, CA -- Sociologist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist, Sexuality Speaker

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~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus -- San Diego Sex Therapy, Marriage Counseling, College Sexual Health Speaker

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