Sex Addiction - Dr. Jenn & Dr. Neil Cannon

Is the label "sex addiction" helpful or hurtful? Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus discusses this topic with Dr. Neil Cannon, and he shares how a therapist can help in a relationship where sexual actions are a concern.

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego, CA -- Sexologist, Sex Therapist, Sexuality Speaker

50 Shades of Grey as COLLEGE Class?

"Now class, please turn to page 197 and read out loud about Ana's first blow job."

That would make for a pretty entertaining and red-faced college class! However, Professor Stef Woods' spring class at American University, entitled "Contemporary American Culture: The Fifty Shades Triology," is not about titillation. Some students may be disappointed to find out that the course has a heavy reading load and much analysis and critical thinking about sexuality, gender, sexual health, addiction, and domestic violence in American society, as well as lessons in writing, editing, marketing, advertising, and public relations.

News of her class has been picked up internationally in the media, with comment sections flooded by attacking remarks. I've noticed that people love to get on their high horses about "what we pay for our children to learn," or "what our tax dollars are used for." Don't get your panties and boxer shorts in a bunch, folks. Much of the valuable role of college is guiding teenagers into adulthood and offering skills in business, critical thinking, relationships, and the world. A course like this creates a context for real life learning...learning and navigating the media-saturated and sexuality-saturated world that these students inhabit.

I have personal experience teaching a class like this. Back in 2004 and 2005 I taught a course at Cal State San Marcos about Eve Ensler's play "The Vagina Monologues." We decontructed sexuality, gender, race, and bodies. There was also a strong experiential component, as students wrote their own personal monologues and presented a Vagina Fest with three performances of the play. They learned critical thinking skills, public speaking, personal reflection, and compassion.

I know Stef Woods personally; I interviewed her in 2011 for my In the Den with Dr. Jenn video series and also presented with her at the 2012 Momentum Conference in Washington, DC. Gratetfully a recent interview on MSNBC allowed Stef to speak to the academic content and media skills development that are foundational to her class. Take a look at the MSNBC video below:

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego, CA -- Sex Therapist, Sociologist, Sexuality Speaker, Sexologist

Porn as Education

Since sex education sucks in our country, this is what young men learn about how to sexually please women.

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego, CA -- Sexologist, Sociologist, Sex Therapist, Sexuality Speaker

Sex Addiction - Is it Real or BS? #143

Is sex addiction a legitimate diagnosis or has it been created by Hollywood in an attempt to protect the famous? Dr. Jenn speaks with one of her alter-egos, Jane the Den Clinical Sex Researcher, to learn the latest on this controversial topic.

Q: How did the word "fornication" originate?

In a sentence, what's a guy have to say? (This is new segment with a very funny Stevie J. Clark as the "Man in the Den.")

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, Sex Therapist, Marriage Counselor, Sexologist, and College Sexual Health Speaker

Pornography: Love It or Hate It?

The February 2010 issue of Vision Magazine has the theme of "Sexual Politics." I was thrilled to write an article for them about pornography, a topic ripe for discussions of sexual and gender politics. Below is the beginning of the article; click on the link to read the entire article.

A recent Canadian study measuring the impact of pornography on 20-something-year-old men was unexpectedly cancelled. The reason? Researchers were unable to find a control group of men in their 20s who had not consumed pornography. I think that many men would chuckle after hearing this. And I think that many women could be dismayed—especially the women who are dating those 20-something-year-old men. Pornography is a loaded topic, evoking both titillation and deep discomfort. However, the typical knee-jerk reactions do little to help us understand the complexity of this prevalent yet taboo topic.

Pornography touches on many people’s deepest fears and desires—namely sex, pleasure, power, gender relations, idealized beauty, trust, guilt, and self-worth. For this reason, a better understanding of its personal impact is advantageous. The term pornography in this article refers to visual depictions of sexual behavior intended to arouse the viewer through the Internet, DVDs, and cable shows. This article focuses on gender differences, and the potential harms and benefits of pornography consumption.

It is not surprising to learn that males are much more likely to enjoy and consume pornography than females. While there is “feminist” pornography, directed by women and featuring more plot, romance, and foreplay, mainstream pornography is primarily created by and for men. Men tend to enjoy visual stimulation more, and seek out sexual novelty.

I asked a 39-year-old single male to explain the appeal of daily viewing of porn online. “I find it titillating—I use it for masturbatory fodder,” he openly responded. “It’s lazier mentally because it’s easier; it’s right there. I don’t have to conjure up an image. Looking at porn moves the process along more rapidly.”

Click HERE for entire article.

Jennifer Gunsaullus, Ph.D.

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Visual Erotica & Comstock Films - Hot, Hot, Hot!

Dr. Jenn talks about some of the reasons women may steer away from visual erotica. Plus, Dr. Jenn interviews Tony Comstock of Comstock Films, who makes erotic documentaries of real couples having real sex. Hear a shocking story about fliming live sex scenes!

Tony Comstock of Comstock Films

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