#HumpDay Sex Quiz -- Sex as a Trance State

#HumpDay Sex Quiz -- Sex as a Trance State

According to a neuroscientist at Northwestern University, what aspect of sexual interaction can create a trance-like state?
A. Timing your orgasms to coincide
B. Talking dirty to each other, back and forth...

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Lack of Experience = Happier Marriage??

Does lack of experience in relationships prior to marriage make you more blissful in your marriage? How about having more people in attendance at your wedding? Research shows that these might make for a happier marriage. I discuss some recent research by the National Marriage Project with Marc Bailey on San Diego Living, Channel 6.

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sociologist, Sexuality Speaker

Night Owl Women Have More Sex

Dr. Jenn & Marc Bailey, San Diego News Anchor Channel 6These research findings aren't that surprising: Women and men who stay up later have more sex. What is interesting is that the women were found to be higher risk-takers overall, as well as have higher cortisol levels. And these night owl women were less likely to be in long-term relationships, compared to women who prefer to get to bed earlier. I am far from an evolutionary biologist, but I discuss the findings and implications of a recent Univeristy of Chicago research study on Channel 6's San Diego Living this morning.

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sociologist, Sexuality Speaker

21 Days of #TwitterSex - Rehash of 1st Week

I'm a nerd when it comes to reading and learning about sex research. Orgasms in an MRI - awesome. Fascinating animal sex - nice. A new website supporting open sexual expression - sign me up! On February 17, I started "21 Days of #TwitterSex" to offer you all an easy way to read daily about interesting new sex-related research and stories. Why 21 days? Because it also serves as a countdown to my birthday on March 9 :)

Here are my first 7 tweets to kick off this 21 days of sex research!

Day 1 of #TwitterSex! Are there things you enjoy more than sex (bacon?!)? See if you’re on this list of 20 things: http://nymag.com/thecut/2014/02/20-things-people-supposedly-like-more-than-sex.html

Day 2 of #TwitterSex! Today’s sex bit: “Porn addiction” diagnosis still not proven as addiction: http://jezebel.com/wait-so-is-porn-addiction-even-a-real-thing-1523887084

Day 3 of #TwitterSex: Holy crap! A good crap can feel orgasmic :) http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/02/18/poo-phoria-passing-a-stool_n_4808627.html?just_reloaded=1 @HuffPostPoorna

Day 4 of #TwitterSex: Do you have the balls (or ovaries) to post a photo/video of your face during a masturbation orgasm? http://www.thegloss.com/2014/02/14/sex-and-dating/orgasm-face-videos-beautiful-agony/

Day 5 of #TwitterSex: More research to support EARLY sex education efforts: http://www.kttc.com/story/24745202/std-education-must-start-long-before-kids-engage-in-sex #sexed

Day 6 of #TwitterSex: How big is your clitoris? Where is it located? This impacts your pleasure. http://jezebel.com/when-it-comes-to-orgasms-size-does-matter-cliterally-1527952620 @jezebel

Day 7 of #TwitterSex: Breast milk! Does it vary by what gender baby is being fed? Interesting! http://www.journalreview.com/news/article_bd072362-b0b5-5ef7-8cbd-f815f0f935e8.html

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~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sexuality Speaker, Sociologist

Sex Nerd Sandra on Mindfulness in Sex

I got to sit down with fellow sex educator, Sex Nerd Sandra, and hash out what the concept and practice of mindfulness is, and how it relates to improving relationships, reducing judgments, deepening intimacy, and enhancing sexual experiences.

The topics we cover include: The “Down Low,” Getting Touchy-Feely, Self Care, Awareness without Judgement, The Triangle of Thoughts-Emotions-Sensations, Your Patterns, Triggers, Sandra’s Trigger, Using Your Words, Tangible Feelings, A Pattern Interrupt, Run/Numb/Distract, Sandra’s Dark Shadow, Favorite Negative Emotions, Manipulation, Buddhist Science, Third Eye, Astrology “Personal Growth,” Brené Brown, Feeling Worthy, Dr. Who, Our Inner Geography, Resiliency, Dr. Jenn’s TEDx Talk, and Befriending Your Body.


~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego, Sexologist, Sexuality Speaker, Sociologist

Sexual Health Game Show on Channel 6

What are the health benefits of sex? What does the research suggest in terms of how sex is related to breast cancer, cardiovascular fitness, menopause symtoms, the immue system, and prostate cancer? Find out in this game show style sexual health segment on Wake Up San Diego, Channel 6.

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sociologist, Sexuality Speaker