Patience - A Gift for All Times

Patience. Waiting. Anticipation.

I'm waiting right now for a client who is stuck in traffic. It's a nice opportunity to take a few deep breaths. I don't "naturally" do this when waiting. I have to remind myself to make this shift to ease, appreciation, and patience when my "this is not efficient!" buttons are pushed.

I'm reminded of the patience - and excitement - leading up to Christmas when I was 10 years old. My sister, cousin, and I snooped into my grandparents' bedroom and found our gift of super hero UNDEROOS under the bed. We were ecstatic with the find! And then we got caught. What we didn't understand at the time was that our impatience was disrespectful to our grandparents.

Recognizing and accepting that all things have a particular time path is helpful in my work with clients and students. I can't PUSH someone to do emotional or mental exploration that isn't right for them. Patience is respect for the process and respect for others. All things in due time. I don't have the "truth" or the answers. I am here to be patience during guidance, acceptance, and motivation.

Who could you offer the gift of patience to this holiday season?

Jennifer Gunsaullus, Ph.D.

Sex Therapy & Relationship Counseling in San Diego