Vulva Activism hits Las Vegas

There is something rather disturbing brewing around women's vulvas these days. More and more nude photos and pornographic depictions of women airbrush away the woman's natural labia. More and more doctors are offering labiaplasty surgery for women to reduce the size of their external genitalia. And more and more women are opting for the surgery to please their partners and feel better about the appearance of their genitals.

Hmm...there seems to be a link between all of these. And it's certainly not based on women knowing their bodies, knowing what is natural and normal, and appreciating the variety and beauty of vulvas.

In protest of this and to provide education to the contrary, the New View Campaign, an organization to challenge the medicalization of sex and women's bodies, is offering a one day conference in Las Vegas this Sunday! Two of the featured guests are Nick and Sayaka Karras, who have created the wonderful Petals project to expose women to the beauty and uniqueness of each vulva. I am looking forward to attending and meeting like-minded women and learning the latest quantitative and qualitative research on this upsetting topic.

If you'd like to learn more about the conference, visit HERE.

To read a wonderful article on the Ms. Blog about it, click HERE.

Jennifer Gunsaullus, Ph.D.

Sex Therapy & Relationship Counseling in San Diego