New DVD combines food and sex

This is a great article about the sensuality of food and sex!

Although the Cooking Up Seduction DVD Release Party was a few days ago, I still wanted to post this article link about the DVD and party. It's such a lively and well-written article by freelance writer (and friend) Rachel Curtis.
San Diegans looking for a place to celebrate the end of tax season on April 15 are in for a real treat this year. A DVD release party hosted by Tango Wine in Little Italy will be serving up the creation of two innovative women who specialize in the most popular aspects of human pleasure: food and sex.

Cooking Up Seduction, which illustrates what its authors call “mindful pleasures” in six ten-minute episodes, is the brainchild of Chef Jennifer Felmley and sociologist Dr. Jennifer Gunsaullus. At the time of their meeting a year ago, the two Jenns immediately recognized an overlap in their work — and an opportunity for a unique collaboration.

George Costanza would approve.

As a relationship and intimacy counselor, Gunsaullus strives to make the private topics of her professional practice safe and approachable, focusing on holistic healing through fusion of the emotional and the erotic. An internationally-trained chef, Felmley passion for cooking spills into the realm of the amorous; for her, cooking for a partner can be just as intimate as sex.

The women not only saw common themes in their respective fields, but also in their approaches to their work. Both emphasize communication and education, and like to keep things fun and light.

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Jennifer Gunsaullus, Ph.D.

Sex Therapy & Relationship Counseling in San Diego

Seductive Cooking - Article about New DVD

Read this article by David Coddon about sensual eating, eroticism, and how Chef Jenn and Dr. Jenn came together to create their new DVD...

In case you didn’t know it, you’ve got three opportunities every day to be brazenly romantic. They’re called breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The truth is, eating is sensual.

Jennifer Gunsaullus, better known as Dr. Jenn, ought to know. She’s a San Diego-based sociologist who specializes in relationship and intimacy counseling. Her former online video podcast show about female sexuality, “In the Den with Dr. Jenn,” features more than 100 episodes that can still be viewed.

Now Dr. Jenn has teamed up with Chef Jenn (aka Jenn Felmley) on a just-released six-part DVD series titled, “Cooking Up Seduction.” Its episodes focus on topics including “Chocolate Body Paint,” the “Sexy Human Sundae” and, of course, “Sensual Eating.”

“Eating is one of our five senses,” says Dr. Jenn, a 16-year veteran of the sex and relationship field. “It’s sensual in that way. We’re disconnected from the sensuality of eating. That’s what this (video series) is about: bringing it back to your awareness.”

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Jennifer Gunsaullus, Ph.D.

Sex Therapy & Relationship Counseling in San Diego