Yoga For Better Sex

In this episode of "In the Den With Dr. Jenn," yoga instructor Kirsten Selway stops by the Den to discuss the benefits of yoga for a better sex life.

Kirsten Selway of Birdrock Yoga

Where are women injecting silicone, to make themselves look sexier to others?


Firing the Human Cannonball

Slim Calm Sexy Yoga by Tara Stiles

What is bliss? Why is it worth "finding"?

I was lying flat on my mat. It was time for savasana at the conclusion of a rigorous yoga class. I felt happy and relaxed…but there was something else. It was an overwhelming feeling of joyful contentment. I was surprised to recognize that I was feeling blissful.

The term bliss is perhaps more often used regarding sensual delights such as consuming a dark chocolate ganache, the deep calm after experiencing waves of multiple orgasm, or the emotional context of a wedding. I believe there are many paths to bliss. I think the yoga class opened a pathway to bliss because of its holistic approach to the body. Not only did I physically exert myself, but I was also mentally proud of my accomplishments and emotionally soothed through the deep breathing. Socially I had created positive energy and shared this connection with other yoga students. And spiritually I felt integrated as a full being.

What comes to mind when you think of bliss for yourself? What contexts and experiences induce blissful feelings? It can be helpful to use a holistic breakdown to approach this topic, like I did with my yoga example. Are there activities that merge many facets of yourself and open the space for bliss? We all have experiences that assist in achieving this state, whether it’s a massage, the flow of dance movements, viewing an expansive vista on a hike, or watching a baby sleep. Choosing these means you are exposing yourself to experiences that allow for your release to the splendor of the moment.

Why do we care about bliss? If there is an opposite state to stress and anxiety, this is it. Perhaps bliss is always within us, available to tap into by removing blocks and accepting what is there. Regardless of how you find it, creating paths to your own bliss can help remind you that it’s all going to be ok. And that’s a beautiful feeling.

Jennifer Gunsaullus, Ph.D.

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