Women's Sex Book Recommendation: Women's Anatomy of Arousal

How much do you know about the female sexual anatomy, beyond the basic plumbing? Most of us don't learn about the amazing intricacies of women's bodies and our expansive capacity for pleasure. Sheri Winston, from her years of experience as a midwife, nurse, massage therapist, and sex educator, knows A LOT about this topic.  She describes the hidden treasures and hidden pleasures of women's anatomy, starting with a historical/cultural context to explain how we can all have greater reverence for women's sexuality.

Throughout, she offers detailed sketches, humor, skills & tips, amidst a meaningful expedition into sexual energy and the erotic arts. I most appreciated the ground-breaking explanation of the G-Spot and our anatomy. Sheri won the AASECT "Book of the Year" award in 2010 for Women's Anatomy of Arousal. This book makes you think, but definitely in a fun and arousing way!