Aneros - Male G-Spot (Prostate Stimulation)

I know I'm not a man, and I don’t have a prostate gland, but if I did, I think I’d want to try the Aneros! It is the “Male G-Spot Stimulator” that has been medically researched and designed. To quote the creators of the Aneros: “Its proven efficacious hands-free self-pivoting mechanism simultaneously massages the Male G-Spot and the perineum culminating in an intensely heightened experience of orgasm.” Many men state that orgasms through prostate stimulation are by far the best orgasms of their lives. The prostate is about three inches inside a man’s rectum. Once the man is relaxed and has well-lubricated the Aneros, the product is then inserted, and just through contracting his PC-sphincter muscles, it gently strokes the prostate (internally) and the perineum (externally). It’s that simple. Look ma, no hands!

Female Sexual Empowerment Through Understanding Men

Dr. Jenn talks with Jane, the Den Clinical Researcher, about female sexual empowerment in regards to men. Plus a New Section guaranteed to hit the P-Spot (male G-Spot).

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