Dating Disaster Stories from a "Terrible Dater"

“He was leaning over me on the sofa, kissing my neck. Then I realized he was also checking a new Bumble message on his phone.”

I was interviewed on the San Diego morning news along with Sabrina Must, the author of a new book about her personal dating disaster stories. And she’s got a lot of them! I added expert opinion about what we can try to do differently to avoid such situations, and also what couples can do to maintain their connection.

Watch here: Dating Disaster Stories from a Terrible Dater

Aphrodisiac Cocktails.jpg

And since it was Valentine’s Day, I also joined a segment about cocktail aphrodisiacs. My role was to add commentary about increasing desire in relationships…and also to taste-test the romantic concoctions!

Whether the aphrodisiacs really increase your libido or not, spending quality time with your partner, phones away, and sipping a drink, is always beneficial!

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sociologist, Intimacy Speaker