What is Tantra? Is it Different for Women & Men? #139

Dr. Jenn interviews Tantra Teacher & Counselor, Shawn Roop, about the definition of tantra as a spiritual & sexual journey. Shawn also shares important differences between women and men in their pursuit of spiritual sexuality.

Sexual Fun Fact
According to a new Australian study, what percentage of women regularly experience post sex depression or what's officially called post-coital dysphoria?

Special Den Sex-tion
Sex Position of the Day - "The Found a Penny"

~Dr. Jenn, San Diego Sex Therapy, Marriage Counseling, & College Sexual Health Speaker

Celebrating Dr. Jenn’s Birthday with Sensual Gifts

Dr. Jenn is visited by an enlightened guest (Pink Jesus!) and gets special attention from the Gorilla. Plus Dr. Jenn offers some sensual gift ideas for that special someone celebrating their birthday.

Sex, Death, Enlightenment: A True Story, by Mark Matousek

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