What is Tantra? Is it Different for Women & Men? #139

Dr. Jenn interviews Tantra Teacher & Counselor, Shawn Roop, about the definition of tantra as a spiritual & sexual journey. Shawn also shares important differences between women and men in their pursuit of spiritual sexuality.

Sexual Fun Fact
According to a new Australian study, what percentage of women regularly experience post sex depression or what's officially called post-coital dysphoria?

Special Den Sex-tion
Sex Position of the Day - "The Found a Penny"

~Dr. Jenn, San Diego Sex Therapy, Marriage Counseling, & College Sexual Health Speaker

Urban Tantra - Great read

Urban Tantra, by Barbara Carrellas, is a wonderful journey through sacred sexuality for those of us living in America in the 21st century. Tantra is an ancient practice of spiritual sexuality and bliss, that can often feel daunting in our face-paced society. Carrellas brings compassion and open-mindedness to this educational and inspiring exploration of bringing greater depth, connection, and pleasure to sexual experiences. From cultural critique to sketch drawings of technique, she covers her bases in creating a fascinting and safe journey to greater self-knowledge and pleasure. I particularly appreciated the author's easy-to-read style and personal stories sprinkled throughout.  Whether you read the entire book from front to back, or flip through to chapters that grab your interest, I think it's a worthy read to broaden sexual horizons.

Tantric Sex for Women's Healing and Pleasure

Dr. Jenn talks with Kamala Devi, a tantra, sex, and relationship coach, about sexual healing and modern day tantra. How can tantric sex assist in healing sexual wounds?

Kamala Devi, Tantra Teacher

Mating in Captivity, by Esther Perel