Use Magic Instead of "Faking It"

I was at a friend's apartment recently when she told me about doing "magical" rituals with another friend. I don't generally use the word "magic" often nor take it particularly seriously. In my understanding, they were using the concept to create an attitude that anything is possible, and adding magic to an intention allows a shift in consciousness for its creation.

When I was at lunch yesterday with a colleague and videographer, Wes, he used the term magic as well, in the context of sexual fulfillment. Practitioners in the sexual field sometimes recommend that people "fake it until they make it." The belief is that if you don't feel confident about something, just go through the motions until you start to gain the knowledge and skills to actually be and do what you're striving for. Wes, though, makes a powerful shift with the inclusion of magic. Instead of faking it (and knowing that you're faking it), why not add magical intentions?

Although this is particularly "woo-woo" type of thinking, I believe it has the potential to be incredibly powerful in giving someone a boost for their leap of faith. It is as if you know you need something else (to learn, be, experience, have, etc.) and without having that you may feel stuck or too scared to try. If you allow space for magic to fill that missing piece for the time being, and TRUST it will do its job, then you can move forward with greater security and confidence.

As I write this, I do recognize that it sounds a little crazy. But it is also resonating with me in that we create so much of our reality through our perception. Why not add the belief in that extra little boost through "magic" as a new tool of strength and empowerment to your tool belt?

Jennifer Gunsaullus, Ph.D.

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