Stef Woods on Sex Blogging, Breast Cancer, and Women's Health Advocacy

How does someone become a dating and sex blogger?  Dr. Jenn interviews Stef Woods, of citygirlblogs fame, from Washington, DC.  They discuss her unique career path, health concerns, and what women can do to become better health advocates for themselves.

Stef Woods, Blogger & Health Advocate

What was the clinical term for intercourse in the 17th century?

Dating & Sex Blogger Gives Fans Control!

I met Stef Woods at a sexuality conference in the spring. We hit it off like a house on fire (that's a good thing) and hung out several times that weekend. I even interviewed her in one of my video podcasts (to be released very soon). She is a dating and sex blogger (named Citygirlblogs) in Washington, DC, with quite a following. This August she has given some intimate control to her readers.

Citygirlblogs, who has an active sex and dating life, is now ending her blogs with three potential choices for her next step -- and the option with the most votes decides! It's the ultimate in "Choose Your Own Adventure." I am really enjoying this interactive aspect, and reading many a comment and rationale. Get in on the action! Find Stef's blog at Citygirlblogs.