Mommies & Sex - What Happened to My Sex Life? Sex After Children: #145

Dr. Jenn interviews the SEXUCATOR, Cathy Nguyen, about what new moms can do to maintain an active and playful sex life. She offers lots of great ideas for sex after children.

How do sperm, once they are inside a woman, find the ova (egg)? (Hint: They use a sense...)

The Den Sex Position of the Day - What is "The Out of Town Guests"?

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego, CA -- Sex Therapy, Marriage Counseling, and College Sexual Health Speaker

Sex for New Moms, Safer Sex for Baby Boomers, & Twilight Saga...all in the Den

"I learned so much tonight!" exclaimed one of our our live studio audience members. Not only does our studio audience provide great energy and lively interaction for our video podcasts, they receive a mini-lecture on a variety of topics around sex. After I say, "Cut!" at the end of each interview, we open the topic up to the audience for questions and comments, to pick the brain of our guest.

This month's shoot included interviews with Rose Hartzell, PhD, a sex therapist and researcher at San Diego Sexual Medicine, who spoke about the need for safer sex for baby boomer women. Cathy Nguyen, the "SEXucator," discussed how to keep the sex life alive after having kids. And Natalie Wilson, PhD, of Cal State San Marcos, was in our Halloween episode, sharing about being "seduced by Twilight," and how the Twilight Saga portrays sexuality, gender, and sexual health.