Face your Fears: Self-Discovery Retreat

What's getting in the way of you being the hero in your own life? Would it help to get clarity on your blocks, and also clarity on your path forward? Would it help to have a safe and fun context to face your fears and build the confidence to move through them?

Hero Up 5.jpeg

The Hero Up event is a three-day retreat near the beach in Carlsbad, San Diego, to help you get on the right path in life. In three days you'll learn how to conquer your fears, build confidence and discover how to create a life you deserve. No 'rah-rah' and no BS.  Just real-world ideas to help you thrive in chaos, break out of your comfort zone, and leave feeling inspired.  

I will be one of the facilitators/speakers at this event, workshopping on sex and intimacy. There will also be speakers and activity facilitators on building confidence, creating balance, moving with yoga, cultivating mindfulness, and pushing through fears in the Hero Up Challenges. The event is 100% confidential. 

What's the price?
$395 for 3 days of events including breakfast, lunch and snacks. Use the promo code 'hero50' to take $50 off your ticket --- AND, since you're learning about this through me, if you email me your interest in this event, I can likely get you a larger discount!

When is it?
Three days. Starts Friday November 10, 2017, around noon, and goes through Sunday the 12th at noon. We start every day at 8am and we're done by 5pm. There are some fun surprise events at night that you have the option of attending as well.

Where is it?
Coastal Carlsbad in San Diego County -- very near the beach!

If you need to shake things up, this is definitely worth checking out: The Hero Up Event.

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sociologist, Sexuality Speaker