For Parents: Worksheet to Talk to your Teens about Sexual Consent & Assault

Sexual consent and sexual assault are topics that are not often broached by parents with their teens. In particular, I think it's incredibly important to discuss these topics prior to your teenager going off to college. We've all heard the increasingly frequent (and horrifying) news stories about what happens on college campuses. And overall, sex is rarely addressed in all its complexity so our teens are ill-prepared to understand and handle all the emotional, physical, and social nuances.

I was surprised, in response to my video about my personal story about consent violation, by the number of parents who commented that they were sitting down with their teen this summer to watch this video together. Their teens were going off to college, and they wanted to prepare them and protect them (from being hurt or getting in trouble). This inspired me to create a worksheet to accompany the video, to help guide and facilitate these conversations between parents and teens. 

I'd like to share that worksheet with you, for your use, or for you to share with other parents. You can download that for free here: Sexual Consent: Facilitating a Conversation between Parents and Teens. I'd love to hear how this helps in your discussion!

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sexuality Speaker, Sociologist