How Sex Toys in Public are Educational

Sex toys in funny places — public sex toy education.

Sex toys in funny places — public sex toy education.

During the month of February, every few days I posted photos on Instagram of Sex Toys in Funny Places — meaning sex toys in public places. My intent for this was two-fold:

1) To normalize seeing sex toys as part of everyday life (and normalize female masturbation). Although sex toys and vibrators are becoming more common for masturbation and coupled sexual activities, a stigma and embarrassment remains for many folks. And just the act of masturbation is taboo in some religions and shameful to some women (and men too).

2) For my amusement and that of the viewers. Because, you know, seeing photos of sex toys in public places is kind of funny! I included quippy comments with each toy (see my Instagram page).

An unexpected benefit was education. When I was out in bars with friends, we’d discuss these photos and toys and they would invite others into the conversation. Folks (sometimes shyly) would ask about the intent and use of various toys. The comments and questions on Instagram also provided a resource for sex toy education.

I hope you enjoy! (And if you’re looking for a new sex toy for yourself or as a gift, I highly recommend the products at Good Vibrations. And if you’re curious about the best vibrator to use during intercourse—which I get asked sometimes—check out this blog I wrote on the topic!)

-Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Public Speaker, & Sociologist