World Sexual Health Day - San Diego

True sexual health is much more than what most folks envision. It is about what we traditionally picture around sexual health, such as education and comfort around STD/STI prevention, reproductive health, and sexual functioning. But it’s also about sexual rights and sexual pleasure, which includes freedom of expression, non-discrimination around sexual and gender identities, non-shaming enjoyment of pleasure, positive and respectful relationships, consensual interactions, and access to resources. It is an integration of physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being regarding our sexuality. 
— Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus
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I am thrilled to be hosting World Sexual Health Day San Diego! Around the world, communities are celebrating World Sexual Health Day in September. This event is about what sexual health -- including sexual rights and sexual pleasure -- means in San Diego specifically! The theme for World Sexual Health Day this year is love, intimacy, and bonding.

Join us for a fun, educational, thought-provoking, interactive, and community-building event! This FREE event will include:

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  • Raffle drawings*
  • Interactive sexual health exhibit
  • Panel discussion with community leaders/educators
  • Free give-aways
  • Costume/prop photo area
  • Community tablers with education and resources

Also, featuring the singing and guitar of Lee Coulter!

We'd like to thank our event sponsor,  Empowered Products, Inc., makers of Gun Oil and Pink personal lubricants!

*All proceeds go to the San Diego LGBT Community Center.

(This event is under the umbrella of World Sexual Health Day - The Global Page.)

--> For continued updates about this event, please check out the Facebook event page.

-Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, Sociologist, Sexologist, Sexuality Speaker