Hooking up at a Music Festival - Sex Tips for Cosmo

Did you know that 34% of attendees at music festivals hook up at these festivals? Frankly, I would have guessed it was even higher!

Taylor Andrews, a Sex & Relationships Editor at Cosmo, reached out to me recently sharing this statistic, and asking for my suggestions to improve the music festival experience of hooking up. My ideas spanned multiple directions and she grabbed one of the tips to include in the June print issue of Cosmo magazine.

How to have better sexual hookups at music festivals.

How to have better sexual hookups at music festivals.

But I wanted to share all 5 of my tips and tricks for better hook-ups at music festivals below!

1) Consent - No doubt most of the sex at music festivals happens under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I suggest that if you're planning on imbibing and also hope for some sexy time with a stranger or friend, before you leave for the festival, reflect on your ability to consent under the influence. Do you want to have sex with someone? It can be helpful to set an intention ahead of time and talk to your friends about it as well so you can all look out for each other. 

2) Protection - Part of the beauty of music festivals is that they feel like magical environments outside of the rules of everyday life. I know I'm being a buzzkill in saying this, but there's no less likelihood of getting pregnant or contracting an STI/STD, so come prepared with condoms, lube, or other protection.

3) Privacy - If you're used to being quieter during sex or are embarrassed about the thought of other people hearing you, this might be time to give yourself permission to let loose during sex. Moan, squeal, directly ask for what you want, and lose yourself in the moment. This is one life context that I do recommend that women fake it . . . in terms of faking the confidence to really use their voice during sex!

4) Sensuality - If you're sharing your tent with others and want to be quieter out of respect, this is a great opportunity to experience slower, more sensual sex. Since you don't want to draw attention to yourselves, you'll probably be close and moving slowly. With the neurochemicals of sexual desire and arousal and the pulsing beat of the music (whether it's still going on or in your memory from the evening), this kind of sex could create a trance-like kind of attunement with the other person.

5) Sex accessories - Get creative with your festival accessories in how you integrate them into your spontaneous sexual play. If you have a festival bandana, ask your partner to blindfold you or if you can blindfold them, or use it to tie each other up for some light kink play. If you have LED rave gloves, keep them on initially to stimulate visual excitement as you explore your partner's body in the dark. If you're wearing a funky wig, keep it on and channel your inner sex goddess. 

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Keynote Speaker, Sociologist, & Sexologist