My Personal Story about Consent Violation - Sex & the Price of Masculinity

Sexual consent. This should be a straight-forward, easy topic to understand and communicate about, right? It's as simple as yes or no. I'm into this or I'm not into this. But when it comes down to the reality of how few skills most folks have in talking about sex and really *listening* to someone else around sex, sexual consent is ridiculously clouded and misunderstood. And the problem is, most people, women and men, don't know this. 

I recently spoke at The New Narrative storytelling event, sharing about an experience I had last fall with a man who violated the boundaries we had agreed upon regarding sex. This wasn't a fun piece to work on or share, but this topic is so horribly misunderstood, I felt like I needed to talk about it and shine a bright light on what is so prevalent around gender roles and sexual miscommunication. I think we desperately need to be talking about this in a new way and create a new narrative around sexual communication and consent.

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What the hell are we doing in our sexual hookups? Dr. Jenn recounts a personal story around sexual consent and violation, and shares her compassionate insights as a sociologist and sexologist to offer a new version of sexual communication and connection. Because the way we're doing things right now is not working.

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sexuality Speaker, Sociologist