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GetLusty’s Valentine Giveaway!

I attended a sex conference last September in Long Beach, CA. While hanging out by the food and drink table (my usual location) at a private party, and desperately trying to find a mixer for my whiskey on the rocks, I met Erica Grigg, the founder of the GetLusty for Couples website. She shared her vision of a website that served as a hub for useful information and skill-building around spicing up marriages, building stronger relationships, and improving intimacy lives overall. Shortly after the conference I became one of their contributing sexperts.

For Valentine's Day, they're offering a chance to win on their newly redesigned website. Read more about their free site below, and sign up to get access to all they have to offer! Sign up here with a chance to win one of 20 VIP memberships and 30 Exclusive GetLusty memberships. 

GetLusty is a site with over 700 articles, including advice from world-renowned sexperts. Couples-friendly, ethical and eco-minded businesses are added daily to our site. There are special deals and discounts to all members from these sex positive businesses. Exclusive and VIP members get even more access to articles and bigger deals and discounts for sexy and romantic products.

GetLusty is committed to sex positive information for couples. We feature advice and inspiration for every preference, orientation, fetish and interest. Our newly launched site is unique in its field. We even have games you can play with you lover to earn points toward more access to articles and discounts. Who knew monogamy could be this fun? Check out GetLusty here!

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego, CA -- Sex Therapist, Sexuality Speaker, Sociologist, Sexologist

Get Lusty gets real about sex with Dr. Jenn

Get Lusty for Couples recently chatted with me about sex, gender, age, holistic sexuality, and bold communication. Listen to the audio podcast here and read some of the highlights below.

Highlights of Dr. Jenn's podcast interview

  • What drew Dr. Jenn to the human sexuality aspect of sociology? A self-proclaimed "good girl" when she was in college, Dr. Jenn joined the Sexual Health Peer Educators to become comfortable with public speaking and her interests in sex, sexual health, and power dynamics in gender evolved from there.
  • What are girls taught versus what are boys taught growing up, says Dr. Jenn, presents a problematic power dynamic for women as it puts women at a disadvantage with less freedom surrounding sexuality. Society fosters negative and shameful feelings about sexuality, when it should really be open and widely discussed!
  • What are some of the biggest issues Dr. Jenn's seen for couples? In younger couples, technology and social media becomes a factor in harboring jealousy, while in older couples there's the issue of boredom and difference in desires between genders.
  • To cover both the younger couple's and the older couple's problems, Dr. Jenn suggests creating new habits, like weekly check-ins to discuss intimacy and topics they're working on as a couple.
  • What are the benefits to a holistic approach in talking about sexuality? There are many layers to human emotional logic, Dr. Jenn believes; delving into deeper aspects of a person's psyche allows you and others/your partner to better understand the beliefs and experiences that make you you.
  • How do you learn to boldly talk about sexuality in an open way? Look at it as a homework assignment, Dr. Jenn says, and agree each week to bring one new thing to your sex life. This will create a structure to make it less awkward and uncomfortable to talk about sex.

Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego, CA -- Sexologist, Sexuality Speaker, Sociologist