5 Ways to Celebrate National Orgasm Day

It's July 31, 2014, and that means it's National Orgasm Day! I honestly don't know which nation claims this day, but I'm fine treating it like an International Orgasm Day :) Here are five suggestions for making the most of this day...

1. Go for a personal best in the number of orgasms you have in one day.

2. Become more intimate with your knowledge of what an orgasm feels like to you, e.g., the number of muscle contractions, a feeling of spreading warmth, positive thoughts, genital swelling, tension, etc.

3. Try out a new position, technique, or toy, either alone or with a partner.

4. Ask three of your friends to describe what orgasms are like for them.

5. Decide once and for all to never fake an orgasm again.

This day has come! And hopefully you will too :)

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus - San Diego Sexologist, Sociologist, & Sexuality Speaker