Hashing out Sexual Harassment, Micro-Cheating, Sex...through the Lens of Mindfulness

This was a cool podcast interview with Laura Aiisha, host of the Ignite Intimacy podcast, because she wasn't afraid to dive into controversial topics around politics, gender, and sex! While we discussed a lot of relevant topics, we focused on sexual harassment and #MeToo, what to do about micro-cheating, and as always (for me in podcast interviews) mindfulness and sex!

This is from Laura's show notes:

"Dr. Jenn is a powerhouse woman on a mission to bring mindfulness to sexuality so that we can transform our relationship with ourselves and each other for healthier, more fulfilling and empowered relations and experiences. In this conversation we do a deep dive into sexual harassment, consent, mindfulness and micro cheating during a dynamic and passionate meeting of the hearts and minds."

While driving, exercising, or cleaning, give this episode on sexual harassment, micro-cheating, and mindful sex a listen, to hear two women hash through some touchy topics (pun intended).

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, Sociologist, Sexologist, Sexuality Speaker