Mormon Sex...and Consent

I grew up Catholic, but nowadays I mostly identify with Buddhist philosophies. I've had some great clients who were in, or transitioning out of, the Mormon faith, and gleaned some fascinating insights into their faith. But my knowledge is slight, and I appreciated another opportunity to chat with Natasha Helfer Parker who specializes as a Mormon Sex Therapist. (She initially interviewed me a few years ago about Mindfulness and Sex.)


She watched my recent video story about a sexual consent violation I experienced, and was the first to interview me in depth about how I think we can and need to do things differently in the United States. She challenged me to articulate specifics about gender roles, mindfulness, compassion, parenting, and my own experiences. Natasha describes our interview:

She gives a detailed account of an encounter where, as a single, educated, mature woman, her date goes past the boundaries they had previously consented on — leaving her shocked at how this could have happened to her. They discuss how she handled the difficult conversations and reflections that ensued. Dr. Gunsaullus offers us a rare and vulnerable look into the complexities of consent. Not the type of consent that is obvious (i.e. don’t rape a woman when she is unconscious or inebriated) — but the more intricate power plays and sensual negotiations that occur during our dating experiences. This podcast will be useful for single adults navigating the dating and sexual landscape. It will also be useful for parents to have some very frank discussions with their adolescents about what consent really means.

Find the interview online here at Mormon Sex Info

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sexuality Speaker, & Sociologist