The Sex Talk: How to Do it Right

The Sex Talk: How to Do it Right

If you are worried about having the sex talk with your child, have no idea how or when to begin, or how to properly address the depth of relevant sex & dating topics (e.g., porn, sexual abuse, sexting), you're going to appreciate this free Sex Talk Summit for the month of June....

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New Demo Reel as Sexuality Speaker

My passion is public speaking around sexuality topics. I love creating safe and fun spaces to speak about taboo topics, and make them accessible and real. We need this in the United States. Plastering sex everywhere, yet not providing nonjudgmental and factual places to learn about sex, is a problem. I reduce shame, silence, and misconceptions, and create empowerment, communication, and authenticity.

My primary speaking topics include: sex, sexual health, intimacy, healthy relationships, communication, and mindfulness. If your university, organization, or conference is in need of a memorable and powerful speaker, get in touch with me to leave a lasting impression.

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, San Diego Sexologist, Sociologist, Sexuality Speaker